The “Compare” feature allows users to view information about police CBAs across both a selection of states and cities and a selection of questions or topics. Click here for more information about using this feature.

Select Questions/Topics

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Select one or multiple specific questions to include in your comparison, or select one or multiple topics to include every question in that topic

Select States

  • Select All

Select one or multiple states to include those statewide CBAs in your search.

Select Cities

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Select one or multiple cities from the top 100 largest cities in the U.S. to include those CBAs in your search.

Choose Answers

Limit your comparison to only CBAs that "Yes" address a given topic or question or "No" do not address that topic or question. Or limit your search to view states/cities where there is no CBA, the CBA is unknown, or where a FOIA request was denied.

Text Search

Limit your comparison based on text within Ballotpedia’s summaries of CBA provisions (this does not search the full text of CBAs)